Best 8ft LED Shop Lights for You Big Garage Warehouse

Best 8ft LED Shop Lights for You Big Garage Warehouse

LED lighting fixtures have replaced traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights and have become increasingly popular. Whether for home use, offices, warehouses, factories, workshops, or other indoor or outdoor spaces, LED lights are the preferred choice. Before the advent of LED lights, large warehouse and LED garage lighting fixtures used high-power incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights, which not only had a short lifespan but also consumed a significant amount of energy every day.

The emergence of LED lights has been a savior for these large warehouses and garages. Their efficient energy utilization and extended lifespan make them the top choice for many large garage and warehouse lighting needs. However, with so many LED lights available, which type is best suited for large warehouses and garages?

Before choosing LED lights for large warehouses, the type of LED fixtures needs to be considered. Common 2 foot and 4 ft LED lights are obviously not suitable for use in large warehouses or garages. These smaller LED fixtures have limited maximum power and brightness, making them inadequate for large spaces. 8ft LED shop lights may be the ideal choice for your large warehouse or garage.

Best 8ft LED Shop Lights - antlux 8 ft led shop lights

How to choose the right 8ft LED shop lights for big garage warehouses?

1. Brightness of LED Fixtures

Large warehouses and garages have spacious interiors, not only in terms of length and width but often with heights exceeding 30 feet, and some large warehouses may reach 60-90 feet. This height requires high brightness from LED fixtures. The typical 5000-6000 lumens LED fixtures used in homes or offices are insufficient for such requirements. AntLux's 8ft LED shop lights with 110W power output and 12000 lumens brightness are an ideal choice for 8ft LED fixtures in large warehouses and garages.

2. Color Temperature of LED Fixtures

When choosing LED lights for large warehouses and garages, the appropriate color temperature is also an important factor. Using natural light as a benchmark, color temperatures below 3000K are considered warm, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Color temperatures above 5000K are considered cool white, creating a crisp atmosphere with clearer visibility. Therefore, when selecting 8ft LED shop lights for large garages and warehouses, it's advisable to choose fixtures with a color temperature above 4500K. AntLux's 8ft LED shop lights with a color temperature of 5000K are well-suited for use in large warehouses and garages.

3. Lifespan of LED Fixtures

For large warehouses and garages, the lifespan of LED fixtures is a crucial factor in the selection process. The long lifespan of 8ft LED lighting fixtures reduces the costs associated with installation, debugging, and maintenance, which can be challenging for large spaces. It's best to choose LED fixtures with a long lifespan and from a brand that offers a lengthy warranty, providing reliable assurance. AntLux's 8ft LED shop lights come with a 50,000 hour usage guarantee and a 3 year warranty, ensuring confidence in your purchase.

4. Energy Efficiency

Large garages and warehouses use lighting for almost the entire day. If ordinary LED fixtures are used, the daily electricity consumption will be substantial. A high-quality energy-efficient LED shop light is a cost-effective investment for large warehouses and garages. While the initial purchase cost may be higher, the average usage cost over time will be lower than that of regular LED fixtures. AntLux's 8 foot LED shop lights have an energy efficiency of over 70%, saving more electricity, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to environmental protection.

Choosing the right 8 foot LED shop lights for large garages and warehouses requires consideration of LED fixture brightness, color temperature, lifespan, and energy efficiency. AntLux's 8ft LED shop lights excel in all these aspects, making them the ideal choice for LED fixtures in large garages and warehouses.

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