Garage Lighting - LED or Fluorescent?

Garage Lighting - LED or Fluorescent?

LED and fluorescent lights are the main options for lighting, and they are the most dominant lighting appliances in homes, shopping malls, and various places in factories. Both LED lights and fluorescent lights play a huge role in the living and working world, and for garage lighting, LED and fluorescent lights are also difficult choices for most people to make.

LED or Fluorescent? For garage lighting, whichever lighting fixture you choose, you need to consider the actual situation of the garage and make the most appropriate choice to achieve the most suitable lighting effect.

Advantages of LED Lights in Garage Lighting:

1. High Energy Efficiency:

LED lights are known for their high energy efficiency, which is one of the most significant advantages of LED lights. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED lights can convert more than 95 percent of electrical energy into light energy, and less than 5 percent of electrical energy will be emitted in the form of heat.

This advantage of LED lights can significantly reduce the garage's electrical energy consumption and can reduce the accumulation of heat in the garage, especially for poor ventilation and used to store items in the warehouse.LED lights produce very little heat when working, can avoid overheating, and lead to dangerous situations.

2. Long Service Life:

Another advantage of LED lights is that they have a longer service life. the average service life of LED lights is 2-5 times that of fluorescent lamps, which means that in the same period of time, LED lights are replaced once, while fluorescent lamps have to be replaced at least 2-5 times. This results in higher maintenance costs.

And the longer lifespan of LED lights can bring you energy savings for a longer period of time, which will reduce your energy bill more and be more favorable to your wallet.

3. More Durable:

LED lights are usually assembled from a metal base with a PC housing, and the light source: the LEDs are fixed to the base. After the housing is closed, a protective space is formed, and air and dust are less harmful to the LEDs. This can make the LED lights more durable.

4. Safe and Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are known as an environmentally friendly energy source because the raw materials used from the beginning of their production do not contain any harmful substances, such as mercury. When working, it also does not produce other harmful substances, which is a clean energy that can be safely used in the family.

5. Multi Color Temperature & Brightness Options

LED lights are easy to make, in terms of color temperature and brightness performance, the same LED light usually has a variety of different brightness and color temperature performance, which can cope with different task requirements and environments. For garage lighting, whether your garage is used for parking vehicles, storage or processing, you can find LED lights to match.

Advantages of Fluorescent Lamps in Garage Lighting:

Low Initial Cost:

Fluorescent lights will have a lower initial purchase cost compared to LED lights, making them a more appropriate choice for those who need lights on a smaller budget.

Disadvantages of LED Lights and Fluorescent Lights in Garage Lighting:

LED Lights:

High Initial Cost:

LED lights have a higher initial cost compared to either fluorescent or incandescent lights, but they have high energy efficiency and a longer lifespan, and their average cost of ownership decreases over time.

Fluorescent Lamps:

1. High Maintenance Costs:

Fluorescent lamps after a period of time, it is very easy to flicker, which requires timely maintenance, otherwise, it will seriously lead to lamp damage, and the need to replace the lamp.

2. There is A Certain Degree of Harm

The luminescence principle of fluorescent lamps is to break through the mercury ions by electric current, thus generating ultraviolet light, and the white phosphorus on the inner wall of the light produces a fluorescent effect. In the process of use, it will produce mercury vapor, in the closed garage space, if the lamp ruptures, it will easily endanger human health.

In a comprehensive comparison, LED lights would be more suitable for garage lighting. Not only it's high energy efficiency and long service life, but considering the safety and environmental protection, LED lights are the cleanest energy and can protect the environment to a greater extent.

If you are also in the process of arranging a lighting plan for your garage, LED lights will be a wise choice.

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