LED Garage Light Fixtures Buying Guide

LED Garage Light Fixtures Buying Guide

Home garages usually become cluttered after a short while due to the dim environment, even after tidying up. By rearranging your garage with LED lighting fixtures, you can get a brighter and more vibrant garage environment, which will not only boost your productivity, but also bring about a comfortable and cozy garage space.

Are LED lights better than fluorescent lights? LED lights outperform fluorescent lights in a number of ways. When it comes to energy consumption, LED lights are very energy efficient and can also help you save electricity. If you are also planning to set up garage lighting or replace the lighting for your garage, LED garage light fixtures are the way to go.

Almost all homes have their own garages. Garages are becoming indispensable multi-functional spaces within the home, not only for parking, but also as storage areas, and workshops, providing a variety of different maneuverable spaces. Garage lighting is something that some people may think is irrelevant, but considering how the garage space is used and how safe it is, it's important to plan the right lighting for your garage.

In any scenario, inadequate lighting can have a bad effect and may seriously lead to accidents. In a garage, even if it is used for parking vehicles, there should be proper lighting to ensure that the parking area is clearly defined, that vehicles can be parked correctly, and that no damage is caused to other items in the garage.

How to Find the Right LED Garage Light Fixtures?

First, define your needs for garage lighting. What is the purpose of the garage? What is the environment of the garage? What features do you need? And so on. Before buying LED garage light fixtures for your garage, ask yourself, what are my needs for garage lighting? Next, the brightness, color temperature, features, energy efficiency, and service life of the residential LED garage lights need to be taken into consideration.

What type of LED garage light fixtures should you choose for different purposes:

1. Storage Area, Parking Vehicles: if you intend to use your garage as a storage area for storing items, then when choosing garage LED lighting fixtures, you only need to refer to the LED lights you choose in the room. Used for the storage area of the garage, brightness per square foot of 80-100 lumens can be, for the choice of color temperature, 4000K or so neutral white light can provide a clear visual environment.

2. Workshop, Studio: if you plan to use the garage as a workshop or studio, then the choice of LED lighting fixtures, brightness, and color temperature need to be changed. In order to provide a bright enough working environment, it is recommended that the brightness is about 300 lumens per square foot. When it comes to color temperature, a 5000K color temperature allows for focus and increased productivity.

The parameters of suitable LED garage light fixtures are different for different uses of the garage. After determining the use, the size of the garage, the environment, and personal needs are also some of the influencing factors in picking garage LED lights.

Garage LED Light Fixtures Recommended:

1. AntLux 8FT LED Shop Light, 110W [6-lamp F32 T8 Fluorescent Equiv.], 12000 Lumens 5000K

This 8-foot LED garage light, with 110w of power, is equivalent to six F32 T8 fluorescent lamps when it's working. It produces 12,000 lumens and supports 2 types of mounting methods, flush mount, and suspended mount, which makes it easy to install regardless of whether your garage ceiling is horizontal or structural. The 5000K color temperature light performance is very suitable for garages that are converted into studios or workshops.

2. AntLux 8FT LED Vapor Tight Light, 100W 9000 Lumens 5000K, IP67 Waterproof, US Plug, Plug & Play

This 8ft LED light is extremely waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating, so it can be used even in rainy outdoor environments. And it comes with a U.S. plug and a portable switch, so it's very convenient to plug and play.

3. AntLux LED Office Lights, 4ft, 72W 8600 Lumens 4000K, Linkable, Flush Mount, Fluorescent Light Replacement

Suitable for low ceiling type garages, this 4ft LED ceiling light is only 3 inches thick and won't look out of place when mounted on the ceiling.72W efficiency produces 8600 lumens, 4000K neutral white light, making it an ideal residential LED garage light whether it's used in a storage area or to park a vehicle.

4. AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures, 30W/40W/50W, 3000K/4000K/5000K/ Dimmable

If you need dimming capabilities, then this 4ft dimmable LED light might be worth considering. It adjusts the color temperature performance of the light, which can be switched between the three color temperature values of 3000K/4000K/5000K, and is adjusted via a wall switch without the need for an additional converter. If your garage has multiple work areas, then this dimmable LED light is excellent garage LED light fixture choice.

When choosing the ideal LED garage lighting fixtures for your residential garage, the purpose and size of the garage are some of the influencing factors in choosing LED garage lights. When choosing LED garage lights, different uses require different brightness and color temperatures. Lay out the right lighting environment for your garage to get a warm, comfortable garage environment and improve work efficiency.

LED Residential Garage Lights Buying Guide

AntLux 8 Foot LED Shop Lights - Best LED Garage Lights

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