What Kind of Garage LED Lights Are Suitable for Home Garages?

What Kind of Garage LED Lights Are Suitable for Home Garages?

Choosing the right LED lights for your home garage is something every family considers when considering utilizing their garage space wisely. For the family garage, in addition to daily use for vehicle parking, many people will transform them into workshops or storage rooms, or half used for parking, half for work. These different ways of using the garage, also create the choice of LED garage lighting fixtures will be different.

So, what kind of garage lights are suitable for home garage?

To buy the most suitable LED lights for garage, the main thing is to tool the needs of your garage and buy the right LED garage lights. There are many kinds of LED garage lights, according to the size of the 4 ft garage LED lights, and 8 ft garage LED lights, the mounting method also has a ceiling type and hanging type. Just follow the actual situation of your garage to buy the most suitable LED lights for your garage.

antlux 4ft led garage lights

When choosing LED garage lights, the following factors are very important

1. The Size of the LED Garage Lights:

Most home garages are basically 2-car garages, and the mainstream LED light fixture size options tend to be between 4-8 feet. If the LED lights are too small, they will not produce enough brightness, and if the LED lights are too large, they will not fit properly. The mainstream options tend to be 4 ft and 8 ft garage LED lights.

2. The Type of LED Light Installation:

Different ceilings lend themselves to different types of installation. If your garage ceiling is flat, then LED garage lights that support ceiling mounting can accomplish the installation task more easily. If your garage ceiling is framed structure, then LED garage lights that support hanging installation will be better.

antlux garage led ceiling lights

3. Brightness of LED Lights:

The choice of LED garage light brightness depends on the shape of the garage and the size of the space. For the 2-car garage owned by most people, the area size is about 160-200 square feet. According to the brightness of 80 lumens per square foot, which can get a clear and bright view, the total brightness of the 2-car garage is around 12,800-16,000 lumens. Of course, the actual situation also needs to be adjusted according to your personal use habits to achieve the best lighting effect.

4. Color Temperature of LED Lights:

The color temperature of LED lights, is specifically expressed as the color of light produced by LED lights. The higher the color temperature value, the more bluish the color of the light, the lower the color temperature value, the more yellowish the color of the light. LED garage lights' color temperature selection, often depends on the actual use of the garage. For normal parking vehicles in the garage, the color temperature between 3500-5000K LED lights are suitable. If it is used for storage, the choice of LED light color temperature can be reduced, and the choice of color temperature range between 2700-3500 will be more appropriate. If you need to carry out maintenance work in the garage, then the LED lights with a color temperature value of 5500 or more can bring you clearer vision.

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5. Energy Efficiency and Service Life:

The energy efficiency and service life of LED lights are equally important considerations. Although LED lights are known for high energy efficiency and long service life, but in the choice of garage LED lights is, as far as possible, choose high energy efficiency LED lights can bring better cost-effectiveness. Higher energy efficiency and longer service life will not only reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, but also save more electricity.

To sum up, suitable LED lights for home garage need to meet the specific use environment of your garage and choose the right brightness and color temperature. Choose the right LED garage lights for garage lighting to improve the efficiency of your garage use and bring you a better experience.

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