5 Basics You Need to Know About LED Ceiling Lights

5 Basics You Need to Know About LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights are the most suitable choice for family rooms among the many LED lights available. They are easy to install and bright enough to provide the right lighting in any environment, whether it's creating a warm. cozy environment or providing vibrant lighting, they can do it easily. And do not require much energy consumption.

1. Where Can LED Ceiling Lights be Installed?

Bedroom LED Ceiling Lights

The bedroom is a place where you will feel warm and cozy. Therefore, the bedroom lights are not suitable for too bright, but also need basic visual brightness to ensure that you can see clearly. Installing a couple of LED ceiling lights with less power in the bedroom would be a good choice.AntLux 2ft LED Slat Lights are just right. Using these 2 ft LED lights in the bedroom will not cause you any glare disturbance and at the same time will allow you to be able to see clearly.

Living Room LED Ceiling Lights

The living room is the usual living area and apart from the bedroom, it is the place where you spend the most time in the home. A vibrant lighting environment is more suitable for the living room, both to ensure good visual conditions for daily activities and to facilitate comfortable lighting when receiving guests.
Arranging multiple 4ft LED Ceiling Lights is necessary in the living room, which is a larger space. Measure out the living room space accurately to determine the number of fixtures that need to be installed.

Kitchen LED Ceiling Lights

Cool white LED lights are the most common type of LED ceiling lights for kitchens. Due to their longer length, they can cover a larger area in a narrow kitchen when installed. And the cool white color can both entertain and help get a clear view while cooking. The white color profile also usually gives the kitchen a clean and tidy look and feel.

antlux kitchen led ceiling lights

Garage LED Ceiling Lights

Home garages often use ceiling lights as lighting fixtures, and 8-foot LED ceiling lights are the most appropriate choice. Garage ceilings are usually low, LED slat lights are very suitable for use in this low ceiling environment.AntLux this slim design 8ft LED store light is the best choice for garage LED ceiling lights.

antlux garage led ceiling lights

2. Why Usually Choose White LED Ceiling Lights?

LED ceiling lights offer the greatest flexibility in indoor lighting, because LED ceiling lights in many different "Kelvin" values can be installed anywhere you want. Whether you want a soft light or a vibrant, cool white light, LED ceiling lights can satisfy you.

Before you buy an LED light, find out more about the Kelvin values of LED lights.

Cool White

Typically, light above 4500K is considered cool white light, which is best suited for rooms that require concentration. This light is best suited for rooms that require concentration, as it has a hint of blue light, which helps to keep you awake and focused. This cool white LED ceiling light is typically used in kitchens, gyms and studios.

Warm White

Light between 2700K-3500K is categorized as warm light. This light will look yellowish from the naked eye, and is very suitable for use in bedrooms, or places where you want to show warmth and warmth, such as the dining room.

3. When Should I Replace the Ceiling Light?

Before you start using LED ceiling lights, you need to know how to replace LED ceiling lights. Usually, when the light changes, such as flickering, part of the area becomes dark. Replacing the entire ceiling light in these cases will be more cost-effective than repairing it.

4. Can Ceiling Lights be Universal?

Most ceiling light fixtures are universal, as long as they have the same length, but you also need to see if the mounting holes at the bottom of these LED slat lights are all in the center.

The general process of installing LED ceiling lights:


  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Remove the LED ceiling light's shade.
  3. Disconnect the wiring and pull the fitting away from the ceiling.
  4. Mark the area for the new fitting with a pencil and drill holes where the screws are to be placed.
  5. Use the junction box to connect to the power supply and clip the slat base to the fixings.
  6. Fit the lampshade.
led ceiling lights installation method


5. Why the Ceiling Light Malfunctions After Installation

Many people who have just started to use LED ceiling lights will encounter this situation, there may be three reasons for this situation

1. Wiring error, may be connected to the wrong wire.

2. Internal wiring failure.

3. Not linking the internal wiring, there may be a separate socket that needs to be plugged in.

In conclusion, LED ceiling lights are currently the best choice for indoor lighting fixtures, which are suitable for all types of indoor environments and can bring the best lighting effect. In terms of price, it is also one of the lower LED fixtures among LED lights.

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