Which LED Lights Are Suitable for Use in Garages?

Which LED Lights Are Suitable for Use in Garages?

Garages serve different roles in different homes, most garages perform their original job, vehicle parking. Others have remodeled their garages, converting them into lounges or work shops, or partially remodeling them. In these different functions of the garage, the lighting that needs to be arranged is different.

The garage is an important part of the home, and arranging the right lighting fixtures for it is a very important part of the overall house lighting arrangement scheme. Finding the right LED lights for the garage is no less difficult than finding lighting fixtures for the living room or bedroom. Among the many lighting fixtures available, LED lights are the most popular and affordable, environmentally friendly choice today. So which LED lights are suitable for use in the garage?


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1. LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling light is the most common type of LED light, their shape structure is usually composed of a base plus shell. The installation method supports flush mounting, which can be installed in the ceiling of various indoor environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. For garages, LED ceiling lights are also a very good choice, especially for low ceiling garages.

When choosing LED ceiling lights for garage, you need to consider the brightness and color temperature of the ceiling lights. Different uses of the garage, the suitable color temperature and brightness is not the same, tool the use of their garage, choose the appropriate brightness and color temperature. According to most of the garage used for vehicle parking, the brightness of 80 lumens per square foot can get a clearer view. Choose a color temperature value of about 4000K for the garage, can give the garage a vibrant, bright lighting environment.


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2. LED Batten Light

LED slat lights are named after their shape, which resembles a long wooden plank.LED slat lights are the type of LED lights that many single-car garages choose. These long LED lights have a box-like rectangular appearance and are great for installing on the side of a garage.

LED slat lights are easy to install and are often used as recessed lights mounted in garage ceilings. When it comes to structural ceilings, the slat light's slim self secures well to the beams and does not expose excess. This reduces damage to the LED light itself from dust buildup and is more conducive to cleanup.


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3. Hanging LED Lights

Hanging LED lights are suitable for garages with intricate ceiling structures, as well as framed ceilings. Suspended LED lights are installed specially, and do not require the use of a large surface to complete the installation of the lamps and lanterns. The LEDs are connected to the LEDs by means of a chain fixed to the ceiling and the cable is connected to the inside of the luminaire to complete the installation of the Suspension LEDs.

In garages with complex ceilings, suspended LEDs provide a more even distribution of light. If you use LED ceiling lights, it will cause the local area light to be too bright, and some places will be too dark.


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4. LED Tri-proof Light

LED tri-proof lights are the primary choice underneath the garage lighting fixtures. In most underground garages, the air is humid, ordinary LED lights used in this environment will reduce life greatly, and the failure rate will become very high.

LED tri-proof lights can be perfectly adapted to this environment. This kind of LED light usually used in car washes and outdoor open-air places, has excellent dustproof, waterproof ability, even in heavy rain environments, and can also be used normally. And the triple-proof lights have plenty of brightness to bring a clear, bright visual environment to the garage.

Garage lights, especially home garages, according to different use scenarios to choose the type of LED lamps and lanterns are not the same. Find the right type of LED light fixture for your garage to create the most suitable lighting environment for your garage.

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