8FT LED Shop Lights - Ideal Solution for Large Shop LED Lighting

8FT LED Shop Lights - Ideal Solution for Large Shop LED Lighting

To create a brighter and more efficient lighting environment, LED lights are the most ideal choice. Whether it's in the industrial sector, commercial sector or everyday life, LED lights bring a better lighting experience. In today's lighting solutions for large shops, 8ft LED shop lights are the way to go.

Why Choose 8FT LED Shop Lights?

The length of 8ft LED shop light makes it not suitable for small shop lighting. For larger stores, such as a 30x40 store, a larger number would be needed if you use a 2ft or 4ft LED shop light. This comes with a greater amount of work and includes LED light installation and cable laying work. Whereas, using 8ft LED shop lights reduces the cable laying work while reducing the number used.

antlux 4ft led shop lights - led shop lighting

Advantages of 8FT LED Shop lights:

1. Brighter

In the same model of LED shop lights, the brightness of the 4 foot model and 8 foot model is different. Usually, the brightness of 8ft LED shop light is 1.5-2 times brighter than 4ft.

2. Save the Number of Lights Used

Choosing 8ft LED shop lights for lighting can significantly save the number of lights. In a 30x40 foot size shop, with a brightness requirement of 120 lumens per square foot, the total brightness requirement is 144,000 lumens. Using the AntLux LED shop light as an example, an 8 foot LED shop light with a brightness of 12,600 lumens would require 12 lights to meet the illumination. If you use 4 foot LED shop lights with 8000 lumens, you will need 18 lights to meet the lighting requirements.

3. Reduce the Installation Workload

Using 8 feet LED shop lights for indoor lighting can significantly reduce the number of lamps used. This means that during the installation process, a lot of work can be reduced. When laying cables for the installation of lamps and lanterns, the workload can also be significantly reduced.

4. Fluorescent Tube Perfect Replacement Parts

The 8ft LED shop light, is the perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes. Before the appearance of LED lights, fluorescent lamps were still the mainstream lamps for indoor lighting. LED lights are well known for their high energy efficiency and long service life, and they are gradually replacing fluorescent lights. When it comes to making a lighting upgrade, 8ft LED shop lights will be the perfect replacement piece for fluorescent tubes.

The 8ft LED shop lights are a great choice for LED lighting in large shops. They have a higher brightness that reduces the number of uses and the amount of work involved, while being the perfect replacement piece for fluorescent tubes. If your need is for a customized indoor large-space ambient lighting solution, 8ft LED shop lights are the ideal choice.

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