Plug In LED Lights - Pros and Cons

Plug In LED Lights - Pros and Cons

The advent of LED lights has brought us greater convenience in numerous areas of life. Brighter light, cleaner lighting, and lower carbon emissions. Plug in LED lights, are a kind of LED lights produced in the process of continuous development. In the field of daily life, the emergence of plug in LED lights has brought great help.

Plug in LED lights, and add extra cables to the normal LED lights with plugs. In the cable part of most plug in LED lights, there are ON/OFF buttons or adjustments, which can be used at any time to control the light ON/OFF or brightness and color changes. For many indoor environments, plug in LED lights can be extremely convenient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plug in LED Lights

Advantages of Plug in LED Lights:

1. Easy to Install:

Plug in LED lights, its biggest advantage is easy to install. Even if you don't know how to connect cables, you can easily complete the installation process of plug in LED lights. Just need to fix it in the position you want and have a power outlet within its cable range. This eliminates the step of wiring and the installation position can be freely DIY.

2. With ON/OFF Switch:

In most plug-in LED lights, the on/off switch is one of the necessary parts. Some multi-functional plug in LED lights that come with an adjustment switch can independently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light display. In scenes where multi-tasking will be performed, such as the bedroom, study, living room, etc., the color temperature and brightness adjustment can be more suitable for the use of the demand to achieve a better lighting effect.

3. Portable

Plug in LED lights, both fixed mounting positions, can also be attached to other metals by magnets. This is also thanks to its special features, comes with cables and plugs, just need to access the power outlet to provide normal lighting. Even if there is a sudden power outage, just plug it into a backup mobile power supply, and you can immediately provide lighting.

4. Localized Brightness Supplement

Plug in LED light, with its high portability, can change the working position at any time. When you encounter a corner or a location with insufficient light, you can supplement the light source at the desired location.

Disadvantages of Plug-in LED Lights:

1. Slightly Shorter Lifespan

Compared with other LED lights, plug in LED lights, due to the thickness of the cable, under normal use, the life of the cable that comes with the plug in LED lights will be shorter than the life of the normal household cable.

2. Easy to Damage

This kind of plug in LED light, in the daily cleaning and maintenance work, is easy to be damaged because of bumping.

Plug in LED Lights Recommended:

AntLux 4 Foot LED Shop Lights, 100W, 12000 Lumens, Comes with US Plug & ON/OFF Switch

This 4 foot LED shop light is super bright and has a boxy look that won't look out of place in either a recessed or hanging installation. It comes with its own cable with an ON/OFF switch for easy control to turn it on and off. Perfect for offices, studios, garages, and other indoor scenes.

AntLux 8 Foot LED Shop Lights, 100W, 12000 Lumens, [6 Lamp T8 Fluorescent Equiv]

This AntLux 8 doot LED shop Light is built with metal and PC as material, the light is soft and not harsh. It supports flush mounting and suspended mounting, and can be adapted to any type of ceiling structure. Perfect for garages, warehouses, and shops.

Plug in LED lights, with their convenience and ease of use, have received great applications in daily life. Even people who don't know how to connect cables can use it easily. If you need more convenient LED lights for indoor lighting, plug in LED lights will be your choice.

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