LED Garage Lighting Buying Guide

LED Garage Lighting Buying Guide

Regardless of what you use your garage for, parking vehicles, getting work done, storing items, recreation, or other uses, efficient lighting is essential. And different lighting options will suit different garages, explore different lighting to find what works for you.

Before choosing the garage lighting that's right for you, ask yourself a few questions to make sure you find the best LED lighting for your garage

1. What is the Size and Shape of the Garage Design?

In order to ensure that your garage has sufficient light, please measure your garage space. You will need to choose the right lighting based on the size of the space. Light brightness is measured in lumens, and for day-to-day ambient lighting, our recommendation is around 50-60 lumens per square foot, such as a doorway. When laying out lighting for a processing table, we recommend around 280 lumens per square foot. After figuring out the exact size of your garage, you will also be able to calculate the total number of lumens you will need and look for lights that meet your needs.

2. Is the Garage Damp?

If your garage tends to accumulate moisture and is in a humid environment most of the time, then consider lighting fixtures with a high waterproof rating.

3. How is the Garage Used?

The primary use of your garage is the deciding factor when choosing the best lighting for your garage. Are you using it to park vehicles, or will it be used as a workplace? Or are you going to convert it into a storage room? Keep in mind that the brightness needed for lighting will be different for different tasks, the work environment will demand more lumen values and possibly different types of lighting.

led ceiling garage light

After clarifying your needs, look for the right type of LED fixtures for your garage to create a clear, bright garage environment.

LED Shop Light

LED shop lights are the type of LED lights designed for the structure and characteristics of a shop. LED shop lights are also suitable for use in garages. When the garage is used for parking vehicles or storage, LED shop lights can provide the right lighting environment to meet the lighting needs of the task at hand. However, if you have a low-ceilinged garage, LED shop lights may pose a bit of a problem. Hanging LED shop lights are more flexible, however, if you're worried about hooking other items, LED ceiling lights are a good choice.

LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights, as the name suggests, are ceiling-mounted LED fixtures.LED ceiling lights, in the way they are installed, will have some limitations on the requirements of the ceiling, if you have a flat structure ceiling, the installation will be easy. If it is a frame structure, then you need to carefully measure the installation position to achieve the best results. For low-ceiling garages, LED ceiling lights have the distinct advantage that you will not be disturbed in any way when you move around the garage space.

LED Strip Light

LED strip lights are similar to shop lights, but they are usually mounted directly to the ceiling. LED strip lights are affordable, with a very wide range of brightness and color temperature values to choose from.

LED High Bay Light

LED high bay lights are the choice for most high-ceiling garages and are represented by the UFO LED high bay light. Korb LEDs generally have high power and are extremely bright, which allows them to illuminate the garage space even when installed in high locations. Moreover, high bay LED lights are usually waterproof, so they can be used normally even in rainy outdoor weather.

LED Light Bar

LED strips are a complementary light source for many environments, and they can provide the appropriate task lighting or ambient lighting in any environment. They are easy to install and can be secured in any position with fixtures such as tape and snaps.

Dimmable LED Light

Dimmable LED lights are an even better choice when considering the environment. Dimmable LED lights can be adjusted not only for brightness, but also for color temperature, making one light suitable for a variety of task environments. And when you need to leave temporarily, you can reduce energy consumption by adjusting the brightness, which is a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly choice.

Further Considerations for Choosing LED Garage Lighting

Another very important thing to consider when choosing lighting fixtures for your garage is natural light. If your garage has windows or clear ceilings, then adjust the interior of your garage so that natural light can enter the garage unhindered. If your garage is used as a workshop, open the windows and garage doors in the right weather to get more natural light and save electricity.

When choosing LED garage lighting, the right LED garage lights are the optimal choice. Remember to customize your garage lighting based on the actual environment of your garage and your needs.

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