LED Garage Lighting - Use Recessed Garage Lights or Hanging Garage Lights?

LED Garage Lighting - Use Recessed Garage Lights or Hanging Garage Lights?

The garage is a very important part of the home, not only can it be used for parking, but it can also be transformed into either a storage room, a work shop, or a rest room. This makes the choice of garage lighting all the more confusing.

To get the best garage lighting, LED lights are the most mainstream and optimal choice. In addition to this, the brightness, color temperature, and type of LED light can make a difference in the lighting environment of the garage. This was covered in the last blog, click here to visit. And what type of installation you choose for your garage lights will also have an impact on your garage lighting.

recessed led garage lights

The 2 main types of mounting for fixtures today are recessed mounting and suspended mounting. So when customizing your LED garage lighting, should you choose recessed garage lights or suspended garage lights?

Recessed LED Garage Lights

Recessed LED garage lights are more suitable for garages with flat ceilings, flush mounted in the ceiling for a more stylish appearance. And with recessed mounting, they don't take up extra garage space and are not noticeable. Recessed LED lights, ideal for creating well-lit workspaces.

flush mount garage lights

However, recessed garage lights have their drawbacks, in that the installation work requires more effort, especially if you don't have the necessary cables ready. In addition, recessed LED garage lights have a fixed distribution of light once the installation is complete, making it impossible to adjust the angle of the light, which lacks flexibility when compared to hanging garage lights.

Suspended LED Garage Lights

Suspended LED garage lights offer more options. Suspended garage lights are installed by attaching anchor chains to the ceiling, whether it's a flat ceiling or a framed ceiling, suspended LED lights can complete the installation and fixation. And because of the way it is suspended, it can easily adjust the angle of illumination of the light. In some specific moments, it can provide more concentrated lighting for a particular area.

hanging led lights for garage

However, suspended LED lights also have disadvantages. In the case of garages with lower ceilings, suspended LED lights take up more space and are not convenient to work on in the garage. In addition, most suspended LED lights require additional mounting hardware, which can increase the cost of use. Since the whole thing is exposed to the air, this can cause a lot of dust to build up on the back of the fixture, making it inconvenient to clean.

Whether it's recessed lights or suspended lights, you'll need to determine the most appropriate type of installation based on your needs and how your garage is specifically used. If you prioritize space neatness and aesthetics more, then recessed LED garage lights are better. If you value flexibility, then suspended LED garage lights can be more helpful.

Whether it's recessed garage lights or suspended garage lights, upgrading to LED garage lights is a more cost-effective investment than traditional lighting. Their high energy efficiency and long lifespan will give your garage a better lighting environment while allowing you to sustain energy savings and reduce expenses.

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