The Difference Between LED Shop Lights and LED High Bay Lights

The Difference Between LED Shop Lights and LED High Bay Lights

The emergence of LED lights and the gradual improvement of LED technology, more and more LED lights and lanterns are used in various different fields, such as stores in the fluorescent lights are basically replaced by LED store lights. In the industrial field, high bay lights have also replaced powerful halogen lamps and become the mainstream lighting fixtures.

Both are mainstream LED lights, what is the difference between LED shop lights and LED high bay lights?

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Application Areas:

Let's take a look at the application field first, LED shop lights are the mainstream choice of LED lights for life, almost all shops, supermarkets, shopping malls can see LED shop lights, and even homes, schools, offices, these areas also have the footprint of LED shop lights. This is one of the more common LED lights used in life. As for LED industrial, etc., they are mainly used in various industrial areas, such as factories, warehouses, production workshops, etc., which are less common in daily life.


LED shop lights, most of the brightness between 4000-12000 lumens, the brightness value of this interval, can be competent for most lighting tasks in life, such as home lighting, shop lighting, office lighting, garage lighting or classroom lighting. This brightness of light can bring the user a clear vision, but at the same time will not be harsh on the eyes.

high bay lights, because of the different lighting tasks, usually have a brightness of more than 10,000 lumens, and can even reach a maximum of 30,000-40,000 lumens. This brightness can ensure that even in large warehouses or factories with high ceilings, it can also bring the staff in the area a clear enough field of vision to ensure work efficiency and improve safety.

Color Temperature:

The LED shop light, has three mainstream color temperature values to choose from, warm color temperature (2700-3300K), neutral white light (3500-4500K) and cool white light (5000-6500K). When different lighting tasks need to be performed, you are able to choose LED shop lights with different color temperatures to achieve the best lighting conditions.

With high bay lights, the main lighting task is to provide a bright and clear environment for those working. Most high bay lights have a color temperature of 5500K or more, which belongs to the category of cold color temperature, and the light of this color temperature has a light blue color, which can create a bright and tense atmosphere. This not only allows staff to concentrate more, but promotes productivity at the same time.


In terms of design, LED shop lights are mainly linear LED lights bit main, the advantage of this kind of light is that the adaptability of the space is very high, whether it is narrow corridors, aisles, wide flat space, or there are complex hierarchical structure, linear LED shop lights can complete the lighting task. Especially in the shelving areas in shopping malls, linear LED lights can reduce a lot of shadows, giving users a better shopping experience.

Industrial LED lights, mostly round or rectangular integrated designs such as high bay light and integrated LED lights. These industrial LED lights are designed to have enough heat dissipation area and illumination range which can be achieved with these designs.

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Energy Consumption:

When it comes to energy consumption, industrial LED lights consume far more energy than shop LED lights. This is because LED shop lights and industrial LED lights have different access voltages and power, LED shop lights have access to 110V civilian voltage, while most industrial LED lights need to have access to 227v industrial voltage in order for the high bay lights to operate properly.


In fact, in terms of price, the difference between LED shop lights and high bay lights is not very big, the price is very close. Although high bay lights are bright and powerful, they are not expensive.

LED shop lights and high bay lights are the main lighting fixtures in life and work, the difference between the two is mainly reflected in the energy consumption, access voltage, design, color temperature, brightness and use range. When choosing LED lighting fixtures, you should combine your specific needs and choose the LED lighting fixtures that best suit your needs.

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