What is the Best LED Lights for Garage?

What is the Best LED Lights for Garage?

How to find the best LED lights for garage is one of the major dilemmas that many people encounter when renovating their own garages. The variety of shapes and features of the LED lights will always leave you in a quandary. As a result, the customized garage lighting plan has been delayed, and the garage is still using “barely adequate” lighting fixtures.

In fact, for the garage to find the best LED lights is not difficult, as long as the actual situation of their own garage, and then choose the most suitable for their garage LED lights, which is the most suitable for the garage LED lights.

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How to Find the Best LED Lights for Garage?

1. Determine the Type of LED Lights

First, you need to determine the type of LED lights, which can help you reduce a lot of tangled items. LED lights for the garage, the mainstream appearance is round LED lights and linear LED lights. The main difference between round LED lights and linear LED lights is the range and angle of light exposure. Round LED lights, its light irradiation orientation is from the top until the ground, showing a gradually expanding circle, in the middle part of the light will be more concentrated.

Linear LED garage light's light is centered on the fixture and releases light to both sides at its maximum scattering angle (120°-180°). The light effect of this linear LED garage light is also the closer to the LED light, the stronger the light, but its light distribution will be more uniform.

2. Number and Brightness

Determine the quantity of the premise, first of all, the size of the garage to measure. After getting the area of the garage, you can get the total brightness of the garage needs. In accordance with the brightness required for normal parking vehicles, 80 lumens per square foot to get a brighter, clearer garage environment. The average size of a 2-car garage in most homes is 400 square feet, so the total brightness needed would be 32,000 lumens.

After getting the total amount of brightness needed, the next step is to plan for the number of light fixtures that need to be installed in the garage, whether it's 4, 6 or 8. After these two steps are completed, you can get the brightness value that each lamp should have.

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3. Installation Type

Different installation types of garage LED lights will be suitable for different garage ceilings. When choosing the installation type, it is best to choose to support both ceiling mounted and suspended installation of LED lights, so that when encountering more special locations, such as raised pillars, corners, you can use a more reasonable installation method for installation. This can save time and speed up the progress of the decoration.

4. Color Temperature

LED light color temperature using Kelvin as the unit of measurement, referred to as “K”. Currently the mainstream LED lights have three color temperature differences are: warm color temperature, daylight, and cold color temperature.

The main difference between these three color temperatures is the color performance. From warm color temperature to cold color temperature, the color of the light gradually changes from light yellow to white light, and then to light with a hint of light blue.

The performance of different color temperatures is suitable for different occasions of use. Warm color temperature is suitable for use in a variety of casual occasions, such as coffee shops, and lounges. Daylight LED lights are suitable for a variety of work and study occasions, such as offices, supermarkets, classrooms, gyms, gymnasiums, and so on. While the cool color temperature LED lights are more suitable for precision processing and need to focus on the occasion, such as workshop, assembly, and processing work.

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5. Price

Price is the final deciding factor when buying LED lights for your garage. Compared to traditional fluorescent lights, LED lights can be a bit more expensive. But considering the high energy efficiency and long service life of LED lights, LED lights are a more cost-effective option than fluorescent lights.

Investing in a high-quality garage LED light would be a good plan. The high energy efficiency will allow you to continue to save energy and reduce your electricity bill in subsequent use. The long service life, on the other hand, will enable you to reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance during the use of the LED lights, which also reducing your cost of use.


By referring to the points mentioned above, you can also easily find the best LED lights for your garage. Install the best LED lights for your garage and enjoy the best garage lighting results.

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