Garage LED Lights Buyer's Guide

Garage LED Lights Buyer's Guide

Home garages unlike underground garages in shopping malls and outdoor public garages, home garages can be used in very many ways such as parking vehicles, storage, work, or processing. The lighting conditions needed for a garage are different for each of the different ways it can be used. So how do you set up the best garage lighting environment for your garage?

The most critical factor in garage lighting is the lighting fixtures, and among the most mainstream lighting fixtures available today, LED lights and fluorescent lights are the most mainstream home garage lights. They both have their own advantages, fluorescent lamps are less expensive, the service life is much higher compared to incandescent lamps, and the light will be brighter. In addition, the purchase cost of LED lights will be higher than fluorescent lamps, but in the service life, energy consumption and environmental protection, safety, are far more than fluorescent lamps. So when it comes to arranging a lighting program for the garage, LED lights are also the first choice for most families.

So, How to Choose Good Garage LED Lights for Your Garage?

1. Determine the Use

Different garage use will lead to the garage environment being different, which will also make the choice of garage lights, garage LED lights installation, type and brightness, color temperature, and other factors will be different. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before purchasing garage LED lights, please determine the specific use of your garage, is used for vehicle parking, storage, or transformed into a workshop.

4ft led garage lights

2. Choose the Type of LED Lights

After defining the specific use of the garage, you can start to choose the right garage LED lights. The first thing is to determine the type of garage lighting fixtures. Distinguished by the installation method, the types of LED lights can be divided into: recessed LED lights and hanging LED lights. If your garage ceiling is a flat surface, then recessed LED lights would be ideal for garage lights. While suspended LED lights are more suitable for garage ceilings with framed structures, utilizing screws or nails to secure the chains for hanging to steel pipes or wooden boards.

3. Choose the Brightness

The brightness of the garage LED lights, the decisive factor is the total area of the garage. To garage normal for vehicle parking for reference, per square foot brightness of 60-80 lumens can meet the brightness requirements. According to the area of most 2-car garages, it is about 400 square feet. Then the total brightness needed is 24,000-32,000 lumens. If it is used for storage, or this is remodeled for a fabrication shop, then the brightness can be adjusted on this basis.

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4. Choose the Color Temperature

The color temperature of the LED light affects the main lighting atmosphere, which is also reflected in the different color temperatures of the light to show the color is not the same. Common color temperature can be divided into three, warm color temperature, neutral white light, and cold color temperature. Warm color temperature (2700-3300K) light performance has a light yellow, suitable for creating a casual atmosphere. Neutral white light (3500-4500K) is suitable for many scenarios, such as home, office, school, garage, and so on. The cold color temperature (5000-6500K) will have a faint blue color because of the high blue light content, suitable for a variety of occasions that require concentration, such as processing and automotive maintenance.

5. Functions and their own Properties

This includes many aspects, such as the energy efficiency of garage LED lights, service life, functionality, durability, IP rating, production materials, and so on. When choosing LED lights for your garage, try to stay within your budget and choose LED garage lights that are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. This can help you save more energy in subsequent use while reducing your electricity bill.

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Quality garage LED lights are well worth the investment. Choose the right type of garage LED lights, brightness, and color temperature to create the best lighting environment for your garage.

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