2024 LED Shop Lights Buying Guide

2024 LED Shop Lights Buying Guide

LED shop light is the mainstream of indoor lighting nowadays, which is widely used in homes, shops, factories, workshops and garages. Different from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED shop lights have higher energy efficiency and long service life, which can bring a better lighting environment and save power consumption and electricity bill at the same time.


So, How to Choose LED Shop Lights?

Fundamentally, LED lights are also a kind of lighting fixtures, which is to provide us with a good lighting environment, which includes brightness, suitable color temperature, practical functions and appearance design. Then you can choose from these aspects when picking LED shop lights.

1. Brightness

What brightness of LED lights to choose depends on where you use the LED shop lights and the size of the area where the environment is arranged. In terms of frequency of use, LED shop lights are often used for garage lighting. Here's a look at what brightness of LED shop lights you should want for a 2-car garage with an area of 400 square feet. In a garage, the brightness per square foot is around 80 lumens, so the total brightness requirement is around 32,000 lumens.

plug in led shop lights

If you choose 5,000 lumens of LED shop lights, then you will need roughly 6-8 of them, and if you choose around 10,000 lumens of LED shop lights, then you will need 3-4 LED shop lights. The right brightness can bring a vibrant and bright lighting environment.

2. Color Temperature

The color temperature of LED lights is measured in "Kelvin", abbreviated as "K". In the current commonly used LED shop lights, there are three kinds of Kelvin temperature range, they are:

  1. Warm Color Temperature: Warm color temperature Kelvin temperature range is between 2700-3300K. The light in this range of Kelvin temperature has a yellowish color and the light performance is between incandescent and fluorescent. This light is not very suitable for garage, on the contrary, in many leisure places, such as coffee shops is the mainstream use of warm LED lamps.
  2. Daylight: Daylight Kelvin temperature range of 3500-4500 K. This color temperature range of LED lights produced by the light similar to the sun, vibrant, clear and bright. This daylight LED lights are used more frequently in life, in the home, workshop, supermarket, garage.
  3. Cold Color Temperature: Cold color temperature Kelvin temperature range between 5000-6500K. Because this Kelvin temperature range of light in the blue light is more, in the visual performance will have a light blue color. LED shop lights with this Kelvin temperature are usually used in places where precision work needs to be done, such as studios and workshops. In a garage that needs to be worked on or repaired, using cool color temperature LED lights will enhance your focus and speed up efficiency.
dimmable led lights - 4ft led shop lights

When choosing the right color temperature LED shop lights for garage, please determine what the garage will be used for before choosing the right color temperature range to achieve the best lighting effect.

3. Function

In addition to the normal lighting function, some extra functions of LED shop lights can bring a lot of unexpected help. For example, the brightness adjustment function, which allows you to adjust the brightness to the minimum when you don't need to use it, while there is light, but can minimize the power consumption and save more energy.

4. Appearance Design

A good appearance design can not only grant you a better performance of the installation environment, but also further enhance your decorative style. When choosing LED shop lights, white LED shop lights will be the mainstream choice. As the most versatile color, white can be matched with any decorative style and will not look out of place.

4ft led shop lights for garage

The right LED shop lights need to be chosen to suit you in terms of brightness, color temperature, function and appearance design, and according to the different places of use, choose the more suitable LED shop lights to get the best lighting environment.

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